Gary Starr / Guest Member

Gary Starr grew up in Duxbury, Massachusetts surrounded by his father’s, Dr. George Ross Starr Jr. MD.; duck decoy collection of 2300 birds. Across Washington Street lived his grandfather, Herbert Kelley, a life time member in Massachusetts Audubon from 1903. In the 1950’s, Dr. Starr was creating birds for sale at Abercrombie and Fitch in NYC and in 1956, at nine, Gary carved a miniature black duck under his tutelage .

In 1986, Kathy and Gary and moved to Weybridge, Vt. with their two children, Heather and Ryan, where Gary was Director of Food Services at Middlebury College for ten years. Starr Decoys was started in 1987 in the basement of their 1840 farm house.

Artist Statement:
From the beginning, I decided to create or use my father’s designs and to do all the carving and painting without outside help. My style evolved from my father’s artwork, working decoys and observations in the field. I am trying to capture the GISS (general impression of size and shape) of the birds and not a feather by feather rendition of a real bird.