Jody Halliday

Texture, color, and the evocative feel of a fabric form my earliest memories. From the scratchy backseat of Grandpa's '53 Chevy to Gram's heavy pink cotton floral drapes that now cushion my porch furniture, I believe that fabrics can and do tell stories.

The foundation of my work now is original, highly textured fabric I call "skive" fabric - created through a process of layering, stitching, cutting and blooming out the fibers until a desired effect is achieved. Once the fabric is created, I stitch it into figure flattering coats, jackets, hats, scarves and handbags.

My work is complemented with treasures garnered from travels around the world - Asian artifacts, very old coins, fossils, beads and vintage buttons have all found a home in my work.
Often an object is the starting point of the tale I am telling in a piece of work.

My goal is that the art of my work bring joy to the wearer and that families affected by domestic violence are supported by a portion of profits. Commissions, with your special fabric, are welcome.