Lynn Adams

In 2002, soon after leaving a business career and completing a Higher National Diploma (a UK degree-level technical qualification) in Silversmithing, Jewellery and Allied Crafts I moved from London to Lyme, New Hampshire. I was juried into the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen the following Spring and my business took off from there.

My training covered everything from making silver boxes and raising beakers to hand fabricating settings for gemstones. I included both chasing/repoussé and enamelling in my options throughout the three-years of the course and it is on enamelling that I have based this second career.

Most of my work is the Champlevé style of enamelling, where the surface colour is paramount. I also do some pieces in the Plique à Jour style where the enamel forms a little window in the silver. I love the materials I use, sterling silver and European enamels with their fine range of colours. They have integrity and a life of their own which I do my best to bring out. I also have a style of work which I call Soufflé which explores the deep nature and variety hidden within the materials. My true inspiration is the materials themselves but I also call on the beauty of the woods and mountains around me for their depth and range of colour and texture.