Mareva Millarc / Guest Artist

Mareva Millarc

On a day much like today, an artist was born in Los Angeles, California. Little did she know that her desire to paint wouldn't be manifested until 2007, although she always felt that the need to paint was just beneath the surface. Her father died at an early age...he, an artist, left behind a loving wife and three children, Mareva being his youngest child. 
After his death, the family moved to Argentina, where they lived until their return to the States in the 80's. 

Mareva draws inspiration from the works of Richard Diebenkorn, Arshile Gorky, and her father, William Millarc. Painting with Oil, Acrylic, Ink and Charcoal her evocative pieces invite you into her world, to experience and imagine your life through hers, exchanging visual frequencies, to lift and fall into the freshness of each unique pause...reaching a certain depth of perception. This is an artist who reveals those unveiled pictures we all contain within our soul and shows them to us.

Artist Statement
A blank canvas awaits its first brush stroke, soon to reveal a new inspiration where a variety of thoughts and ideas coexist.
Motivated by the love of painting, I create art that is free of concrete references; and delve into each work with passion and intuition moving in a way that is consistent with the feelings of the moment.
Following the afternoon rituals: painting attire and music with brush in hand, a painting begins to emerge. What comes into view is an internal language translated into lines, shapes, textures and color. An unlimited vocabulary of feelings.

“Passion is in all great searches and is necessary to all creative endeavor.”
-W. Eugene Smith

Mareva Millarc
17 Studio Lane, Middletown Springs, Vt. 05757