Nicholas Seidner

Nick received a B.F.A. from the New York State School of Ceramics at Alfred University in 1992 and completed a variety of residency programs at institutions such as; The Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana and Pewabic Pottery in Detroit, Michigan.

Nick and his wife, Diane Rosenmiller, established their pottery, Rising Meadow Pottery, in Middletown Springs, Vermont in 1998. The pottery is complete with a variety of kilns, studios, teaching facility and a gallery. In 2009 Nick completed the construction of a single chamber, 70 cubic foot, internal firebox, catenary arch, wood burning kiln (pictured on front). This kiln will rekindle a passion for the wood firing process that began for Nick as an undergraduate in art school. The use of locally harvested fuel from area sawmills compliments Nicks ongoing use and experimentation with regional minerals as raw material for glaze ingredients; such as slate, yellow ochre, granite and ilmenite.

The two significant historical ceramic traditions being referenced in Nicks pottery are the folk pottery traditions from Asia; Japan, China and Korea and early American stoneware from New England. Wether it is the textures used on the surface of the clay, the slip trailed designs incorporated into the glazed ware or the salt firing process, the influence of ceramics rich traditions are present. The absolute historic and contemporary need for well designed and aesthetically pleasing stoneware pots as everyday objects to help produce, preserve and serve food, or present flowers keeps him busy as a student and maker of handmade pots.